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Lash and Brow Molecular Reconstruction

Lash and Brow Molecular Reconstruction

Innovation in the Field of Brow Lamination and Lash Lift

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Why Beauty Professionals Prefer ELEVY?

Global Ingredient Sourcing

We are committed to selecting premium ingredients from across the globe.

Ammonia-Free Formula

ELEVY prioritizes safety. Our ammonia-free formula ensures superior results but also prioritizes the well- being of professionals and their clients.

Trending & Lasting Results

With ELEVY, you’re not just offering a trendy service; you’re providing a trusted beauty treatment followed by personal aftercare that prolongs the salon effect.

Introducing Our Innovative Molecular Reconstruction Formula

Here at ELEVY, we've designed a formula that works wonders.

Our Step 1 Lifting Lotion gently opens up the tiny cuticles on your lashes and brows, allowing to reshape them and infuse them with the powerful ingredients found in our Step 2 Volumizing Fix, Step 3 Care Plus and Step 4 Keratin Filler solutions.

  • Ensures that all the vitamins & minerals found in our formula will penetrate deep into each hair.
  • Delicately seals the cuticles back in place without causing damage.
  • Forms a protective breathable layer of Keratin that will provide nourishment and safeguarding against harsh environments.

Strengthen & Rejuvenate

Portulaca Oleracea

Rich in vitamin A and is a natural antioxidant, helps repair damaged hair

Heal & Nourish

Sunflower Oil

Packed with oleic acid that encourages healthy hair growth, it has healing and deep moisturizing properties.

Recovery & Regeneration

Crysanthellum Indicum

Nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, activates the process of regeneration and hair growth.

Hair Growth & Anti-Aging

Sophora Flavescences Root

It has a remarkable hair growth promoting effect and is used in many hair growth products

Molecular Reconstruction is an advanced technique created in Europe and now available in the US to evolutionize your lash lift and brow lamination treatments.

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Lash Lift & Brow Fix

Fuller & Thicker Effect

Lash & Brow Repair

Stimulates Growth


No Lash & Brow Damage



Professional Lash Technician

@ cestlamourbeauty

I am really surprised by ELEVY's Lash & Brow Molecular Reconstruction treatment! ELEVY's formula is forgiving and I feel that this kit has a much more curated formula that elevates the whole process. They're formula works fast and does not leave the brows feeling hard or "crunchy". I highly recommend adding ELEVY products to your salon services!


Professional Lash Technician

@ barefacebeautynycllc

I was sent some Lash & Brow Sachet’s from ELEVY and I love them! They are so convenient and easy to use - my clients absolutely loved the results!


Lash & Brow Technician and Educator


I have been using ELEVY products for half a year and I am very happy with the results. From the first try I realized that the product is different from the other lash and brow products on the market. I highly suggest following ELEVY protocols to achieve the best results. My clients are coming back and asking only for this brand now. The big hit is also the results from the use of ELEVY Professional and Home treatments.

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