Professional Lash Technician

@ cestlamourbeauty

I am really surprised by ELEVY's Lash & Brow Molecular Reconstruction treatment! ELEVY's formula is forgiving and I feel that this kit has a much more curated formula that elevates the whole process. They're formula works fast and does not leave the brows feeling hard or "crunchy". I highly recommend adding ELEVY products to your salon services!


Professional Lash Technician

@ barefacebeautynycllc

I was sent some Lash & Brow Sachet’s from ELEVY and I love them! They are so convenient and easy to use - my clients absolutely loved the results!


Lash & Brow Technician and Educator

@ oksanalovina.beauty

I have been using ELEVY products for half a year and I am very happy with the results. From the first try I realized that the product is different from the other lash and brow products on the market. I highly suggest following ELEVY protocols to achieve the best results. My clients are coming back and asking only for this brand now. The big hit is also the results from the use of ELEVY Professional and Home treatments.


Professional Lash & Brow Technician

@ viva_la_brows.nyc

I have tried many different brands for laminating eyelashes and brows. But for about a year now I have been using only my new favorite, ELEVY. I am always confident in the results of the curl and the integrity of the hair. I would even say more. The lamination procedure restores the lashes and brows, makes them stronger, gives them a healthy shine and strengthens the hairs. This is a huge plus for me, because the health of my clients and the appearance of eyelashes a month or two after lamination is important to me. When my clients return for a second procedure, I see that the hair is not dry and in excellent condition. This is a sign of the quality of the product and the properly performed procedure.

The Elite Academy

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@ elite_academy__

Elite Academy is dedicated to teaching all of our students to be confident and successful in expanding their skills with the highest level quality of products and most popular, in demand services in the beauty industry. That is why we chose to partner with and offer ELEVY’s Lash & Brow Molecular Reconstruction Certification Course at our academy. Their products and curriculum are user friendly while yielding amazing client results, and their mission to change the lives of beauticians aligns with ours. If you are looking for a course to start training your team members, or if you are a technician yourself looking to bring these services to your clients, we highly recommend partnering with ELEVY.


TL Studio Owner and Educator

@ _tl_studio_

ELEVY has truly exceeded my expectations with their innovative lash and brow kit! Their attention to detail in creating these products is remarkable, and the results speak for themselves! I was blown away by the transformation of one of my clients who had bald spots and permanent ones on her eyebrows. After ELEVY’s treatment, the hair began to regrow and regenerate, which is a feat that no other conventional product has been able to achieve. It's clear that ELEVY has set a new standard in the beauty industry with their cutting-edge formulas and dedication to excellence.

Factory Family Chainstore

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@ facefactorylviv

We are thoroughly impressed with the consistency of this product, making it incredibly easy to work with. The results have been nothing short of amazing, with our clients experiencing lively and full lashes and brows after undergoing the molecular reconstruction procedure. Seeing our clients so happy with the results has left us feeling extremely satisfied with the product and its ability to deliver outstanding outcomes.