Difference between Molecular Reconstruction & Lamination

Difference between Molecular Reconstruction & Lamination

The beauty industry has evolved over the years since lash and brow lifts started to  become pretty popular. As the treatment has become widely used the products have started to become more advanced, making them better and safer to use overtime. So we started to do our research and in 2022, we launched our first groundbreaking product, the Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit. Our kit is one of the safest products on the market due to our high quality and ammonia free ingredients. Say goodbye to harsh chemical smells!!

ELEVY was born out of the idea to allow clients to feel at ease when receiving the treatment. As you may know, most lash and brow lift treatments can cause a lot of harm to your natural hair in order to achieve that perfect lift and curl and we are tired of it! So for that reason we have created a treatment that not only creates that perfect lift but also promotes hair growth and leaves your lashes and brows nourished and repaired.  The best of both worlds!!

Now, you may be wondering why we called our treatment “Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Molecular Reconstruction” rather than “Lash & Brow Lamination” so let’s jump right in!

What Is Lamination?

A lash & brow lamination is a lot like getting a perm. A lamination treatment will shape your lashes and brows to your preference and can potentially last up to 2 months. Unfortunately there is a chance that you will experience a bad lamination treatment.

A lamination treatment uses multiple chemicals like Thioglycolic Acid and Cysteine to assist the breakdown of the hairs a lot faster than normal, which can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

You see, many brands contain these two ingredients in the first step of their treatment and when it’s used for too long or improperly it can cause your natural hair to become more brittle and break off! I don’t know about you but I would like to leave the salon knowing that I didn't just mess up my lashes and brows.

Luckily ELEVY has created a line of skin-safe and ethically sourced aftercare products that can help treat your bad lamination treatment!

  • Hair Growth Serum has been carefully designed and formulated to physically boost your lashes and brows with ingredients that will help strengthen, nourish and stimulate hair growth.
  • Keratin Filler Serum was produced to coat your lashes and brows with a breathable layer of keratin that will help nourish and repair those damaged lashes while protecting them from any harmful environment.>
  • Care Plus Serum, it’s rich with collagen, protein and vitamin E which will stimulate hair growth and provide a healthy shine to your lashes and brows.

If you or your clients hair is starting to feel and look damaged, then it's time to add ELEVY’s aftercare products to your salon.

What Is Molecular Reconstruction?

Now that we know all about Lamination it’s time to meet the iconic Molecular Reconstruction formula! Unlike most Lash & Brow Lamination kits, ELEVY has created a 4 step treatment that has changed the world of beauty making  Molecular Reconstruction the star of the show.

After many years of research ELEVY finally cracked the code when they introduced their Lash & Brow Molecular Reconstruction Kit to the world. The ammonia free formula found in their treatment has been designed to not only create the lift of your dreams but it will also nourish and repair any damage while stimulating hair growth!

Well how is this possible?!

Let’s take a look at the key steps that make this dream a reality.

  • Step 1 (Lifting Lotion): During this step the hair cuticles will be gently opened to allow them to be shaped and absorb all of the nutrients and vitamins  from the Volumising Fix (Step 2) and the Care Plus treatment (Step 3) before they are shaped back.
  • Step 4 (Keratin Filler): As the final step of ELEVY’s treatment, the Keratin Filler will coat the lashes and brows with a breathable layer which will nourish and protect them from any harmful environments.

How Are They Different?

Okay, since we are both very well accustomed to the definition of both the  Lamination treatment and the Molecular Reconstruction treatment, let’s compare the two.

After taking a look at the chart above we can obviously tell that ELEVY’s Molecular Reconstruction treatment checks off a lot more boxes than other Lamination Treatments. Yes, you will be getting close to the same results from both a lamination treatment and a molecular reconstruction treatment but there are clearly some key factors that make our treatment a lot safer than a lamination treatment. I don't know about you, but I would want my clients to receive the safest treatment on the market!

If you want to take your clients' lashes and brows to new heights,  I highly recommend checking out what ELEVY’s Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Molecular Reconstruction Kit has to offer.

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As always, I’ve enjoyed our time together, but I gotta get back to being ELEVY’s Marketing Guru!

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