Nourish, Repair & Stimulate Hair Growth with our Ammonia Free Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Professional Kit

Nourish, Repair & Stimulate Hair Growth with our Ammonia Free Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Professional Kit

When it comes to Lash Lift & Brow Lamination treatments, finding a product that offers both immediate results and long-term benefits is crucial. That is why we created our Ammonia Free - Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit - a game changer in the world of beauty.

What sets our kit apart from other competing brands? Our revolutionary Volumising Fix (step #2). Let's dive into Step #2: Volumising Fix and explore how it nourishes, repairs, and promotes hair growth, taking your clients' beauty to the next level.


Safety and Confidence - Our Top Priorities:

We understand that safety is paramount when it comes to lash lift solutions. That's why our kit is ammonia-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring a worry-free experience for both you and your valued clients. We want you to feel confident in your services and your clients to feel safe.


Step #2: Unlocking the Secrets of Volumising Fix:

Now, let's uncover the magic of Step #2: Volumising Fix. This step contains a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients that deliver outstanding benefits, leaving lashes and brows nourished, repaired, and stimulated for healthy growth.



Portulaca Oleracea - Revitalizing Damaged Hair:

One of our secret ingredients is Portulaca Oleracea, which is packed with vitamin A and natural antioxidants. This powerful ingredient restores and rejuvenates damaged hair follicles, giving them strength and vitality. Your clients will love the renewed health of their lashes and brows.

Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract - Nourishing and Strengthening:

We've also added Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, known for its nourishing properties. This botanical extract provides essential nutrients to hair follicles, strengthening them from within. The result? Lashes and brows that are fortified and healthier-looking.

Sophora Flavescens Root Extract - Encouraging Luscious Growth:

To stimulate luxurious lash and brow growth, we included Sophora Flavescens Root Extract. This natural ingredient awakens dormant hair follicles, promoting new hair growth. Say goodbye to sparse lashes and brows and hello to a fuller, more captivating look.

Keratin - Protecting and Nourishing:

Last but not least, we can't forget about Keratin. This essential protein not only nourishes and revitalizes the hair but also acts as a protective shield against environmental damage. Your clients' lashes and brows will not only look beautiful but also stay healthy.


Restore Confidence with Strong, Beautiful Hair:

Our Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit is an ideal solution for clients with damaged hair or those who miss their lash extensions. With the nourishing, repairing, and stimulating properties of Step #2's Volumising Fix, you can offer a stunning lift while also helping your clients rejuvenate their natural hair growth. Boost their confidence and empower them with beautiful lashes and brows.


Experience the transformative power of our Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit, specifically with Step #2: Volumising Fix. With ingredients like Portulaca Oleracea, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Sophora Flavescens Root Extract, and Keratin, this kit nourishes, repairs, and stimulates hair growth. Elevate your lash and brow game and give your clients the gift of perfect lift and healthy hair. Say goodbye to average results and embrace the extraordinary impact of ELEVY's Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit. Get ready to enhance your clients' natural beauty and boost their confidence to new heights.


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